Value Oriented Investment Firm

Specializing in Contents & Start-up Investment

LEO Partners Investment Inc. is a venture capital firm for SMEs/Startups established in accordance with the ‘Support for Small and Medium Enterprise Establishment Act’ of Korea (Registration Number: 2012-246) on December 13 of 2012 with paid-in capital of 5.4 billion KRW.

LEO Partners Investment started out as SM Content Investment with a proven track record of investing in the culture and content business. Since leading players in the culture and content industry in the fields of production, distribution and platform holders are cooperating with us as shareholders or limited partners, we have a wide network in the culture and content industry.

Since our corporate name was changed to LEO Partners Investment Inc. in April of 2017, we have extended the scope of our investments to cover emerging business areas including games, ICT and biotech. To lay the foundation to support our expansion, we have hired competent professionals and continued to raise funds. Our core value lies in identifying promising ventures we view as potential ‘game changers’ and providing support to boost their capabilities, to advance into the next stage of their growth cycle.


2018   03     Raised & Registered Fund: LEO Fund 10

2017   12     Raised & Registered Fund: LEO Fund 9

           07     Acquired Fund: Hyosung New Growth Industrial Fund

           04     Change in Corporate Name: LEO Partners Investment

2015   04     Raised & Registered Fund: SMCI Fund 7  

           01     Raised & Registered Fund: SMCI Fund 6

2014   10     Raised & Registered Fund: SMCI Fund 5  

           10     Liquidated Fund: SMCI Fund 1

2013   12     Acquired Fund (Joint operation): Geon-SMCI Content Fund

           12     Raised & Registered Fund: SMCI Fund 4 

           01     Acquired 2 Funds: SMCI Fund 1, SMCI Fund 2

2012   12     Registered as a Venture Capital Firm

           12     Incorporation: SM Contents Investment Inc.


Core Competence

We have the expertise and knowledge needed to invest in the content business inclusive of films, TV dramas, and performing arts and also invest in gaming, ICT and biotech


We create and manage funds aimed at finding and nurturing promising entrepreneurs in their early stages with a long-term investment horizon. We invest capital in early-stage startups with a long-term perspective and provide necessary support across different growth stages including capital investments, management consulting and assistance in building management systems

Project Fund/PEF   

We also create private equity funds and project funds to capitalize on broader investment opportunities, going beyond the content business and startups. We manage the entire investment process from deal sourcing, to investing and to post-deal management in M&A deals involving public/private companies or in primary/secondary equity investments of a large scale.

LEO Partners Investment Inc.  ㅣ  #508, 22 Teheran-ro 87-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea   ㅣ   T. 02-516-4171   l   F. 02-516-4174
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